A fresh new name on the American coffee scene, Giraldo Farms Coffee comes from the lush, mountainous region of Colombia, where mountains reach up to approximately 17,700feet. Making this the optimal soil and conditions for harvesting and cultivating what is for sure one of the best cups of coffee in the world. For years, farmers have been hand-selecting these 100% pure Arabica beans, as they seek to work with only the select few beans that make the cut for roasting and processing, in order to bring to you the best freeze dried coffee online.

All of our coffees are naturally freeze-dried, preserving all of the aroma, deep flavor and properties of traditional Colombian coffee. Here are all of our products, ready for you to buy Colombian instant coffee, Decaf and Instant Colombian coffee, and the best flavored instant coffee. All are Certified Kosher OU and the organic variety is USDA certified organic.

7 Coffees to Choose From

Our coffee growers firmly believe that the environment and work force are our most precious commodities, and so support the most current ecological farming and fair trade practices.

A portion of the profits from every product sold is given back in the form of donations to charities that support the world's future.

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